Our granite extraction is used without the use of explosives.

The extraction of stone without the use of explosives manages two concerns: innovation and environmental sustainability.

The granite extraction and transformation operation is a complex activity with a certain degree of difficulty, where all steps taken until the final product is obtained must be detailed so that the final product is satisfactory to the consumer (customer)

The cutting of stone can be accomplished by adopting several techniques, the choice depends on the type of rock to be cut, the geometric constraints of them and the operational restrictions of each operation. The constant evolution given to cutting equipment and cutting tools has led to the disuse and consequent extinction of some cutting techniques to the detriment of others.

The non-explosive extraction technique is characterized by the versatility of cut types, since it is possible to modify the position of the pulley system, which has the function of orienting in the cutting operation. In this way the cut can be used in all cutting operations, in stone farms.

  • Cubes
  • Square stones
  • Square garden
  • Concrete paving
  • Guides garden
  • shallow kerbs
  • Special pieces
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