Concrete production takes into account normative information on raw materials.

… More detailed studies, we have the Technical Department available for this task.

Concrete production takes into account normative information on raw materials, production and transport constraints, among others, making the calculation using analytical methods and experimental processes.

For additional requirements or timely analysis of special work situations, more detailed studies may be carried out and the Technical Department is available for this task.

Concrete Structural
All the concrete applied in buildings, bridges, viaducts, that is, as its name indicates, it is a concrete that has as purpose the application in structures.

Concrete Dosage
Uncontrolled concrete, essentially used on site as cleaning concrete.

Concrete Flooring
Concrete used in the construction of floors, specially prepared for finishes with mechanical trowel. It is mainly applied in warehouses, car parks, etc.

Lightweight concrete
Concrete made from lightweight aggregates (cork, styrofoam, expanded clay, etc.) having a mass ranging from 900 to 2000 kg / m3. Usually applied to filler elements (without resistance functions), however, this type of lightweight concrete can also have a structural function by alleviating the structures of its own weight.

  • Guarantee of obtaining the desired characteristics (strength, consistency, etc.);
  • Product more homogeneous;
  • Controlled Quality;
  • Fast supply even for large quantities;
  • It avoids the installation of a plant on site (thus reducing yard costs);
  • Competitive prices.
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