Granite Extraction
The granite extraction and transformation operation is a complex activity with a certain degree of difficulty, where all steps taken until the final product is obtained must be detailed so that the final product is satisfactory to the consumer (customer).
Progress is intrinsically linked to the improvement of accessibility, the quality of streets and roads that allow greater fluidity of traffic, transport, and ensure that municipalities have modern infrastructures.
Sanitation and pluvial water network
We have a team of specialized technical staff, complemented by a diversified range of equipment necessary for trenching and, consequently, protection and safety equipment, which minimizes occupational risks.
We have a qualified and experienced team in the area of paving. Based on the competence, credibility and seriousness that have always guided the activities of our staff, experience acquired over the years and the need for quality and productivity.
In the design of concrete, normative information on raw materials, production and transport constraints, among others, is taken into account by means of analytical methods and experimental procedures.
Creativity, modernity, innovation, avant-garde and efficiency are values that accompany the growth of a company, which focuses on the continuous improvement of machinery processes, skilled labor, improvement of techniques and control of costs.


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